Photographer Frank Ishman has traveled extensively, living and working in various cities around the world. Frank received his education and training from Morehouse College and the Art Institute of Atlanta and learned everything he could while working with celebrated photographers Brigitte Lacombe, Mary Ellen Mark and Arnold Newman to name just a few.

Bringing his unique vision, ardent sense of lighting, and strong work ethic to each shoot, Frank has produced an impressive collection of commercial, narrative and fine art work. Frank communicates through image, which provides him an outlet to release the strength of his reactions to the world around him. His narrative projects are often comprised of multiple images, merged and melded so completely that the viewer sees the project as a “whole,” rather than the sum of its parts.

Frank moves between commercial and fine art styles easily, and enjoys incorporating one into the other while always maintaining his focus on the subject. From celebrities and CEO’s to rap stars and children, Frank’s commercial work includes advertising campaigns, celebrity portraiture, magazine spreads, non-profit assignments and fashion. Never without a camera, Frank's fine art work takes aim at the everyday, the subject and their environment - always evolving, always finding a unique way of documenting existence.

In between projects Frank is a voracious reader, a skilled chef and a burgeoning sitar player.

Born in Connecticut and raised in southern California, Frank is at home on sets having worked as a child actor for many years in Los Angeles. Frank has lived in London, India, New Zealand, Chicago, and now after more than a decade in New York, and after a brief stint in California Frank is now based in Chicago, right in the middle.

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