Boston Court Lobby Show

Horshack Test
Horshack Test is based on the fictional character Arnold Horshack, from television sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter,” and the uncanny way he’d throw his hand in the air screeching, “Oh Oh Oh!” Although this project is named after Arnold Horshack, it’s actually the look on Mr. Kotter’s face as he tries to decipher what comes out of Arnold’s mouth that I paralleled to the quick responses recorded when taking the actual Rorschach test. Sometimes in life as in art, it’s all about your initial perception. Trust these feelings and move forward. 
The Process:
These images were created using polaroids which had not been traditionally exposed in camera. This process used a variety of light sources, heat, moisture, and cold to manipulate the polaroids to create unexpected abstract images, but with some sort of consistency due to experimentation. The study went on for over a year using extra leftover polaroids from shoots during my assisting years. The finals here have been digitally printed and waxed to give the look of the traditional polaroid after it has been pulled apart. The original images were flush mounted on end grain exposed wood bases and waxed three times over four months and were meant to be touched as a polaroid, leaving your own personal residue on the image edge.

Using Format