Usable Space

LIGHT will pack up and make room for the next installation at USABLE SPACE.
Bring something to grill or drink if you like.
At dusk “A Fault” by Wes Tank, Barry Clark and Adam Carr will do its first screening.

“A Fault” is a film based on an album of the same title by electronic musician Barry Paul Clark (adoptahighway), using Milwaukee landscapes as visual metaphors for psychological states experienced during the creative process. Director Wes Tank (WC TANK) and location spirit guide Adam Carr (Milwaukier Than Thou) explored the city with Clark, letting the music ask questions and the city give answers.  

LIGHT Curated by Nina Bednarski, asking participants to consider this:
Light…radiates at a higher vibration than darkness. In contrast to dark, it can be seen more clearly. Examine the property of light, literally as a spiritual concept or as a constant force required for all life on earth. Experience with light, following or striving for lightness, start where you are.
Participating artists include:
Demitra Copoulos, Santiago Cucullo, Charles Dwyer, Frank Ishman, Craig Grabhorn, Shane McAdams, Todd Mrozinski Zachary Rueter, Rafeal Francisco Salas, Serena Weits, Wes Tank, and Nina Bednarski

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